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Israel is known for its chutzpah, boldness and energetic vibe, and this is well expressed in the designs of Shani Shemer, a young and exciting fashion designer. Shani graduated several years ago, and then took a break to travel extensively, seeking inspiration for revolutionary, refreshing, and one-of-a-kind swimwear to fulfill the dreams of girls around the world.

To deliver the perfect summer, sea-side, and pool party experience, Shani created the ultimate combo:

  1. Quality fabrics for perfect comfort and fit for any body type
  2. Unique glimmer as the signature of the Shani Shemer brand
  3. Prints and gold accessories to showcase the uniqueness of each lucky owner of a Shani Shemer swimsuit

Shani Shemer swimwear designs first caught the eye of the international fashion world during the women’s empowering project during Fashion Week.

Shani Shemer says that her participation was a challenge because swimwear is rarely associated with both empowerment and classic princes’s gowns. Yet, Shani Shemer managed to create the perfect design for the occasion, inspired by the character of Princess Jasmin from Walt Disney’s classic film, “Aladdin.”

“I’ve designed the swimsuit every princess would consider her own. It was easy for me, because watching “Aladdin” again as a grown, independent, and self-assured woman, I saw Jasmin as an empowering story of living life in your own way and not succumbing to prejudices” said Shani Shemer regarding this ambitious project.

The design was presented at the important event by one of the most prominent Israeli models, Shirley Bouganim. But it’s just the beginning for the Shani Shemer swimwear brand. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on the newest collections and designs.

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